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    My name is Kayden DiGiovanni and I work at:

                           Dallas Tattoo
                      16601 Addison Road
                        Addison TX 75001​​ 

    Born and raised in Dallas, I have been doing tattoos in the Dallas area professionaly for 10 years now. 

    I'm not a tattoo snob, I will do your name tattoo or your tribal tattoo, hell, I'll even do an armband if that's what you really want. However tattoo artists want to do art, and I am much more interested in working on a nice piece of art, or a portrait. 

   My favorite styles are realistic black and gray, biomechanical, dark art, or neo-traditional.

You can e-mail any tattoo ideas to       
    or text 682-433-3512

    I work Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sat.

​​I charge $150 an hour.
I have a 2 hour minimum.

For Portraits I charge a flat rate of:

$300 for a hand sized black and gray portrait
$400 for a hand sized color portrait.​​​​​​

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Addison TX 75001​